Thursday, March 27, 2014

Master's Copy - My version of a Pieter Claesz "Vanitas"

My big troubled artist secret is my struggle between my loves of both classical representational art and funky, whimsical, modern mixed media work. The two sitting next to each other look as if they are from two different worlds. My business personality has changed back and forth over the years as I decide to focus more on one or the other. Lately, however, I have decided to include both. They both represent me. Splattering colorful paint and adding wings to a simple portrait is a fun, energizing, quick art fix. Spending weeks on a complicated classical still life with layer after layer of glazes is deeply satisfying in a different way.

I finished this painting a few weeks ago. It was my first attempt at a master's copy... a painting made after one by a master painting. It is 18x24 inches on canvas done in acrylics. I have been working on adapting acrylics to a more classical style; experimenting with the Flemish technique and using clear glaze layers between color glaze layers to give a more luminescent final appearance. About halfway through the dead layer (a layer done all in gray scale that sits below the color layers) I remembered how much I hate copying. It used to drive me crazy when I was working on my design degree and the assignment would be to reproduce some project exactly. Somehow it did not click in my brain that the same disdain would apply to painting  So instead of carrying on trying to make as a close a copy as possible I decided to pretend I was working from the same reference as Claesz but to paint it my own way. Also, realizing I was going to use a lot of opaque colors I stopped working on the dead layer and went straight to color. 

I am super happy with how the finished painting came out. Right now it is hanging on the wall in the room where my oldest son hosts Pathfinder games... thematic art for dungeon delving.

Friday, March 21, 2014

How I use Lightroom to organize my photos for Project Life

Even before Project Life or the various Photo 365/52/31/7 projects I have tried (and usually failed due to boredom) over time, I took a lot of photos. That number went up dramatically a few years ago when I got my first iPhone. My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica around 1999. With that many years of digital photos I have tens of thousands on my hard drives... maybe even in the hundreds of thousands.

Since I started doing project life I have been thinking of ways to get the photos for certain years organized and accessible in an easy and quick manner. The smart collection feature in Lightroom does the job perfectly.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Make Your Own Oracle Deck

Mixed media art is a fun and fulfilling creative outlet.

Sitting down to create a wonderful and sometimes wild expression of ourselves using whatever tools we want without boundaries is an awesome experience.

But sometimes we feel the desire to create art or fill a journal page with our handiwork, yet we cannot quite figure out what to do or what to write.

It is a small type of creative block, but still powerful enough to get us stuck.

I decided I wanted to create a class that would help my fellow mixed media explorers to develop a library of writing prompts.

Each prompt on its own is a small step. Combine many of them and you have an entire journey.
Oracle decks are like journeys too.

So I took the concept of the journey through life’s experiences symbolized by many oracle and tarot decks and created 22 weekly journaling prompts to help you find inspiration.

 The e-book includes keywords and prompts to lead your on a journey based on the Major Arcana of a tarot deck.

Much like the traditional tarot, this e-book is meant as a guide to the inner journey your creative self is on.
You do not need to be a tarot collector or fan to enjoy  this e-book. It is meant for anyone looking for a different journaling experience or simply some additional journal inspiration.

Each journal prompt in the book includes a sample card made using simple mixed media art techniques to produce an oracle card with a unique meaning and symbolism.

Seven BONUS mixed media art technique videos are included showing an example of how to decorate the back of the cards and six of my own cards being made.

What do you need to do? 

  • Order using the purchase buttons on the page.
  • You will receive a link to download a PDF with access instructions, including your password to view the videos, and another link for the e-book download.
  • The e-book is also available as a download on a class page.
  • Go to the class page listed on your access instructions to view the bonus videos
  • This is a self-paced class. 
E-book and Videos Just $15

Creative Lettering Workshop - Now open to new students!!

Do you always drool at the hand written journaling you see in other people’s art journals?
Do you long for that effortless flow that their words seems to follow?
Well, I will tell you the first secret right now before you even sign up for the class… it is practice! That was not exactly a big reveal, since we all know it takes practice to improve at any art skill.
So often we do not think of our handwriting as art or we think it is unchangeable or we think we should not need to practice because we spent so many painful hours practicing in grade school.

This popular class is back!
Now Open to new students!

Creative Lettering will take you through the basics of how to practice and improve your own handwriting until it flows smoothly enough that you are comfortable adding it to your journal pages as art not just words.
After we have loosened up those hands and started writing smoothly, we will move on to learn some fun decorative lettering techniques.

We will touch on calligraphy, but mostly we will focus on unique alphabet styles that will range from the elegant (yet simple to create) to the downright fun and funky.

The class covers four weeks worth of lessons.

In addition to lessons on handwriting improvement and practice, you will learn ten decorative alphabets.

Each lesson has text, photos, and video to cover the information thoroughly.

All the pdf files are downloadable so you can save them to your hard drive (or phone, tablet, or iPad) to watch when it fits into your schedule.

All videos are streaming. Videos can also be streamed on just about any computer or mobile device. Please see the Class FAQ for more information.

Each week also includes a high-resolution art print ready to download, print, and frame!

What does Creative Lettering include?

  • 4 Weeks of lesson
  • Over 6 hours of video instruction
  • Tons of printable notes and worksheets
  • Four printable high-resolution art prints (one each week made from my version of the weekly project)
  • Self-study class! Self paced. Work on your own. 

Sign up now! Super fun! Just $29.95 for lifetime access!

  • When you sign up for a class you will receive an email containing a link and code to download the PDF containing the class URL and password. Please do not share the access information with anyone.

Cake Pop - Mini acrylic painting

©2014 Terry McClary. Watermark does not appear on actual painting.

A colorful and delicious treat. Still life of a chocolate cake pop with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles on a stick with a bright green background.

Acrylic on canvas panel. Unframed.

Price: $100.00 plus shipping
Media: Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Size: 6x6 in